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i am an outsider, except when i'm inside

I decided to make my LJ Friends Locked. Not for any particular, dramatic reason. Just so that I can control what is seen by the general public. Which would be nothing. :p I will most likely friend you back regardless. Especially if I know you in real life or you're in the BJD hobby. ^_^ Comment to be added.

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batchix has listed a Machina Gamma on eBay to raise money towards a charity for Japan's earthquake/tsunami disaster.

eBay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180640070299

He's really very awesome looking. I'd probably go for him except that I already have one that I need to work on myself. XD At least take a look at the auction. She did a really good job on him. ^_^


Nightengale Needles is also selling items to raise money to send to a charity for Japan. See her post here at her website: Left 4 Dead Health Packs


As for me, I donated a few bucks directly to the Red Cross. I'd like to actually "do" something. But unless I was actually there helping, I basically feel useless. I'm really happy about what seems to be a massive outpouring of people wanting to help and the concern for the safety of people affected by the disaster. Human beings can definitely suck sometimes, but every so often we show that we do care about one another.

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